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Superior Engraving services

Liebner Engravers was founded in 1979 by German born Mr.
Siegfried Liebner Snr. and is now operated by Mr. & Mrs. Siegfried &
Elzaan Liebner .

Siegfried & Elzaan have for many years been engraving and
manufacturing custom designed items eg. Plaques, Nameplates, Corporate Logo’s,
etc. They strive to adopt new ideas and to maintain high standards.

Liebner Engravers, professional engraving services provider, provides custom engraved products that stand for quality, customer service and the constant strive to perfection.

We are proud of our work! Ons is trots op ons werk! Wir sind stolz auf unsere Arbeit!


Here, at Liebner Engravers, we engrave trophies. But not just trophies. We engrave badges, name tags, brass signage, embossers, jewellery items, metals, industrial plaques, corporate awards and much more.

Name tags and badges

In fact, we engrave pretty much everything that can be engraved. And, with the latest engraving technology in our possession, we can engrave on materials like leather, soap, marble, wood, rubber, Perspex and cardboard. When it comes to engraving on various metals and materials we can work with annocoil, rowmark, stainless steel, graflux, lazermax, IPI, brass, anodized aluminium, wood, grovoply and many more. Here, at Liebner Engravers, you can expect the best because, when it comes to engraving, we are the best.

Awards And Plaaques

Winning a trophy is something to brag about, to put on your mantelpiece and show off to your friends every time they come over. It might not be for some Olympic sport or for national colours but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’ve won it and it’s yours. Regardless for what it is, bowling, chess, stock-car racing, it’s important for you to claim that recognition and for you to get your name engraved on that trophy.

A little bit About Us here at Liebner Engravers

At Liebner Engravers, we do all sorts of engraving. Engraving is an art form that requires patience, determination, diligence and skill. It is an art form that can take several years to master. Since our inception in 1979, our customers have praised our creativity, hard work and ingenuity and have added to an ever growing list of clients. Since our inception, we have strived to become the best engravers in the Greater Gauteng area.

People are proud of their accomplishments. They should be! At Liebner Engravers, we can engrave it for you. We regularly engrave on medallions and trophies regardless of the size and what material it’s made from.

Apart from medallions and trophies, we also create a variety of engraved products such as name tags and badges, general signage, hotel signage, casino signage, corporate signage, awards and plaques and control and engineering panels. Our engraving skills aren’t limited to only metals. We can engrave on a variety of materials such as leather, soap, marble, wood, rubber, brass and even cardboard.

When it comes to engraving, there’s really not much we can’t do. With almost 40 years of industry experience, we are confident that our specialised services can be of great benefit to you