All About Engraving

How are jewels engraved?

Engraving is an ancient craft with roots stretching back thousands of years. Today there are two main methods to engrave a piece of precious gold, silver or platinum jewelry; Hand engraved or machine engraved.

Hand Engraving
Throughout its long history, engraving has been a carefully crafted craft. And the tools used for hand engraving today would be fairly familiar to an ancient craftsman. metal to create a design.
are the main tools used in the manual engraving process. Small, very sharp hand chisels that make deep, shiny cuts in metal. Incredibly detailed and intricate engravings can be achieved with a range of different sized cutters.

Machine Engraved
Much of the engraved jewelry you see today was machine made.Modern engraving machines work in two ways: they use a laser or a diamond bur to engrave an intricate, finished stencil into a linked computer system.

The advantage of this system, of course, is that it's a bit faster and eliminates most human errors (just watch out for typos!). Both diamond point engraving and laser machine engraving have a very clean finish. A variety of layouts or fonts can be used as long as the layout works in black and white with decent line weights.

1. Engrave a momentous date: Whether it's a wedding, birth or graduation, a momentous date is always a popular way to mark important life events with a keepsake jewelry.

2. Engrave a Name or Initials: Perhaps the most personal engraving, whether it's a pet name on a piece for your significant other, the initials of you and your fiancee on your wedding bands, or the name of a dear departed relative on a piece to remember .Names are a very common request for engraving as they make a piece instantly personal.

3. Engrave a meaningful place: This wish is certainly not as common as dates or names, but it is just as beautiful. Several couples have contacted us to ask for engravings of coordinates or place names. Jewelry engraved to commemorate the place where a couple met, became engaged or married is a beautiful and deeply personal choice.

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