All About Engraving

How is Jewelry Engraved?

Engraving is an ancient craft, with roots stretching back millennia. Today, there are two main ways to engrave a piece of precious gold, silver or platinum jewelry; Hand engraving or Machine Engraving.

Hand Engraving

Throughout it's long history, engraving was a craft painstakingly done by hand. And the tools that are used for hand engraving today would look quite familiar to an ancient craftsperson. Hand held tools like gravers are used to carefully remove small amounts of metal to create a design.

Gravers are the main tools used in the hand engraving process - tiny and very sharp hand held chisels that yield deep and bright cuts into the metal. With a series of gravers of different size, incredibly detailed and intricate engravings can be achieved.

Machine Engraving

Much of the engraved jewelry you see today has been produced using a machine. Modern engraving machines operate in one of two ways, using either a laser or a diamond tipped bit to engrave a template drawn up and finalized on a linked computer system.

The advantage of this system is of course that it is quite a bit faster and eliminates most possibilities of human error (you just have to watch out for typos!). Both Diamond tip and laser machine engraving have a very neat finish. A variety of designs or fonts can be used, so long as the design works in black and white with a decent line weight. 

1. Engrave an important Date: Whether the day of a wedding, birth, or graduation, an important date is always a popular one for marking life’s important events with a jewelry keepsake.

2. Engrave a name or initials: Perhaps the most personal engraving, whether it’s a pet name on a piece for your sweetheart, your own and your fiancé’s initials on your wedding bands, or the name of a dearly departed family member for a piece in memoriam. Names are a very common request for engraving as it instantly makes a piece personal.

3. Engrave a Place of Significance: This request is certainly not as common as dates or names but it is just as lovely. We’ve had several couples get in touch asking for engravings of co-ordinates or place names. An important piece of jewelry engraved in remembrance of the spot where a couple first met, got engaged or married is a lovely and deeply personal choice.

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