Wood burning is such a versatile craft. Once you know the basics of pyrography, there are so many things you can add wood burned embellishments to. The possibilities are endless.

You can make wall art, personalized signs, baby gifts, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and functional art.

1. Prepare a piece of wood that has been dried and sanded down. Know your woods. Basswood, poplar, or birch are great places to start.

2. Make sure that you are in a clean workspace. Be sure to follow all safety precautions  Always wear a mask and turn off and unplug your burner when not in use. 

3. Size, cut, carefully position, and tape your design of choice to the wood.

4. Slide the graphite paper under the design so the darker side touches the wood.

5. Using your embossing tool or pen, carefully draw the lines onto the artwork using light to medium pressure.

6. Look under the graphite and design to ensure all graphics have transferred before removing.

7. Select the tip of your burner, screw on and heat your wood-burning tool. Once hot, you're ready to burn!

8. Test your temperature on a piece of wood or the back of your piece before you begin. Slow down!

9. Pull, don't push. The burner does most the job. Apply gentle presssure. Start with a lower temperature because you can always add heat and always add more burnt. Just push. Really, slow down!

10. When you have finished burning the wood, use a sand eraser to remove any graphite lines that are still visible. Add color or a finish

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