Rubber stamping, is a process of ink made of dye that is applied to an image or a pattern that is then engraved into a piece of rubber which can then be pressed on a piece of paper and are then called “Rubber Stamps”.

Rubber stamps can be used in various types of categories such as:

Rubber Stamps for office uses

Rubber Stamps used for decorating objects

Rubber Stamps used as children’s toys

There are three different types of stamping:

Traditional Stamps – The pad is in a separate container from the stamp;

Self-inking Stamps – Has a self-contained die that rests against the pad until the die is flipped 180 degrees to make an imprint

Pre-inked Stamps – The die is impregnated with the ink.

Rubber stamps for business would include the address and the logo of that business. These Rubber stamps often have movable parts that allow the user to adjust the date or the wording of the stamp.

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