Sports Trophies

Sport Trophies

Sports trophies have always carried tremendous prestige from the valuable Stanley Cup to the World Cup for Soccer. As prized items that resemble accomplishment children from a very young age appreciate the value of sports trophies and even a person that reaches the ripe old age of 80 will still display their awards with pride.

In many instances sports trophies such as the World Cup for Soccer will travel from person to person or from country to country. As such it is important that it will be durable and impressive enough to be a sought after trophy.

When looking at the history of some of the s trophies tears well up because of the traditions involved that are worth preserving. Ultimately you want a trophy that will be accepted with pride and cherished whether it is for a year only or for a lifetime.

Taken the above into consideration we also recognize the importance of distinguishing characteristics. The trophy should uniquely resemble the specific sport and be appropriately sized for the particular event or accomplishment. Unlike medals normally ordered in large quantities, the trophy will be unique and obviously also custom designed to fit the client requirements.

It is a complex process which requires superior workmanship and in-depth knowledge of the various materials used. You cannot entrust such a valuable item's design to just anyone. Fortunately the experienced and well trained team of the Trophy and Medal Boutique will not only be able to craft masterpieces, but will also be able to provide advice on the costs, designs, and themes available to suit the client's requirements.

We offer custom made and more generic trophies including:

We supply sports trophies to hundreds of sporting clubs all over Gauteng

We supply trophies for:

With even more suppliers on board, our range just keeps getting bigger and better.

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