Wood Engraving

Tools for Engraving Letters Onto Wood

Each tool for engraving letters onto wood give a distinctly different look to the piece you will make. They each require different skill sets.

Professional Wood Etching

If you want to create a plaque with dates and other fine details, you may want to hire a professional laser company to design and craft your masterpiece. Today's machines can create deep, delicate marks that can create impressive pieces that you or the gift receiver will want to display for generations.

Best Wood for Etching

Soft woods are the easiest with which to work because hardwoods are generally harder to burn. However, the base color that will show through your etching will follow the color of the wood base you use. Dark woods can hide the delicate etching work, while lighter wood types will offer up a dark and deep burn that won't easily split and shows a distinct contrast for design.

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